Evangelism and Discipleship Cohort

This is just what it sounds like. For a little over an hour a week, you’ll master the practical skills of disciple-making. By the time you leave, you’ll be equipped to walk with others through every stage of faith—from anonymous non-believer to committed, mature Christian.  Plus, you’ll learn to teach others these same skills so you can multiply your impact.

Pastoral Skills Cohort

If you want to help other people be emotionally and spiritually healthy, then you’ll need to learn to be emotionally and spiritually healthy yourself. That’s what this cohort is all about. You’ll dig into your own story, pain, and strengths and learn how to help others do the same. From conflict resolution to family of origin to personal growth in leadership, you’ll gain skills you’ll use for a lifetime.

Theology Cohort

If you’re going to be a Christian, you’re going to talk about God; that means you’re going to be a theologian. This cohort is all about equipping you to be a good one. You’ll explore the big themes of the Bible, how to interpret Scripture accurately, the history of the faith, and how to put it all together. Plus, you’ll hear experts talk on how to integrate your theology with real-time care for the poor. With this solid foundation, you’ll be equipped to proclaim God’s truth wherever he takes you next.  

Considering Applying?

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February 12th and 13th

We set the bar high for graduating seniors, and so should you. Your next step is the launchpad not just for your career, but for the next chapter of your spiritual life. We’re looking for fellows who are hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus.

Application Instructions

Click the link below, and it will take you to Cru’s U.S. internships application. There, follow these steps: Apply Now > Log in > Begin to fill out the application. > Position, “US Intern.” > Complete the personal info page and read the FAQ > Preference, “Campus Ministry” > Sub-preference “Field.” > Ministry Interests, “IL – Cornerstone / University of Illinois at Chicago” > Complete the rest of the application as directed.  

Not quite ready to apply?

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