Are you considering joining the fellows program?

Join us in Chicago February 14-16. 

Taking the jump to move to Chicago for the next two years of your life is a big decision – and we want you to be able to discern well if joining the fellows program is right for you.  

At CCI, we know we are a unique culture. We’re fully Cru, and fully in the Anglican church. We’re in a diverse urban context, and we’re living in radical community with six other fellows. We’re passionate about personal growth, and we work really hard on mission to college students. These realities are hard to capture on a website or even in a conversation. We believe it’s vital for you to experience who we are before you decide to join us.

We also want to get to know you. We set the bar high for graduating seniors. We’re looking to take seven fellows who are team players, hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus. We want to be able to spend time with you for our own discernment. In fact, this weekend is so important for us that it’s hard for us to imagine accepting anyone to be a fellow without actually having come and been with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore CCI Weekend begins Friday Feb 14th at 6:30pm and ends on Sunday Feb 16th at 12pm.

This weekend will model what your two-year experience in the fellows program will be. You will experience our community as you stay with a host from one of our churches. You will experience a preview of our three training cohorts. You will experience our ministry by spending time on campus at UIC. You will experience our church worship at one of our services. You will experience what it’s like to live in close community with other potential fellows. You will experience the city of Chicago. And, you will experience that we love sharing meals together with lots of food.

Food and housing will be provided once you arrive on site. Limited scholarships are available for transportation costs to get here. If you would like to request a scholarship – email Erin Walker at [email protected]

We’d love for you to do anything you can to get here – because we won’t have another weekend quite like this. But, if there is an unchangeable conflict, please email Erin Walker at [email protected] to see if another visit can be scheduled.

Registration deadline is February 1

RSVP for your spot for the Explore CCI Weekend

We set the bar high for graduating seniors, and so should you. Your next step is the launchpad not just for your career, but for the next chapter of your spiritual life. We’re looking for fellows who are hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus.

Application Instructions

Click the link below, and it will take you to Cru’s U.S. internships application. There, follow these steps: Apply Now > Log in > Begin to fill out the application. > Position, “US Intern.” > Complete the personal info page and read the FAQ > Preference, “Campus Ministry” > Sub-preference “Field.” > Ministry Interests, “IL – Cornerstone / University of Illinois at Chicago” > Complete the rest of the application as directed.  

Not quite ready to apply?

Let us know you’re interested in hearing more and talking to someone.


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