Our work is a joint initiative of Cru and the global Anglican Church. 

We’re on the ground floor of a fruitful and growing partnership. Cru and the Greenhouse Movement have joined together to reach new campuses for Christ in Chicago. 

Cru brings time-tested experience in effective evangelism and discipleship for students, as well as a national set of inspiring conferences and mission projects.

Greenhouse is a missional movement for the global Anglican church. As Anglicans, we are evangelical, we are liturgical, and we follow the Holy Spirit. Our ministry is not just connected to the church; it lives within the church, rooting our mission in a life-giving tradition.

The fellows program will be part of our already established regional network of Anglican congregations in Chicagoland and the upper midwest. Fellows will be a part of Cornerstone Anglican Church – a new church plant in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Pastors work together to provide leadership, teaching, pastoral care, and our connection to the global church. 

We are stronger together.

Three Approaches, Same Goal

All our campus movements are partnerships between Cru and the church. At the same time, different contexts call for different approaches. We have three approaches to how to foster this partnership.

A student congregation on campus, resourced by Cru

In this approach, a local pastor provides oversight for a congregation led by students for students. A weekly worship service takes place on campus.

A church ministry on campus, resourced by Cru

In this approach, a church establishes a ministry on campus and invites students into their church body off campus. 

A Cru movement on campus, connected to multiple churches

In this approach, a Cru leader establishes a ministry on campus, developing relationships with several churches off campus.

Regardless of which approach is right for a given context, our vision remains the same: transforming lost students into lifelong church laborers.

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We set the bar high for graduating seniors, and so should you. Your next step is the launchpad not just for your career, but for the next chapter of your spiritual life. We’re looking for fellows who are hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus.

Application Instructions

Click the link below, and it will take you to Cru’s U.S. internships application. There, follow these steps: Apply Now > Log in > Begin to fill out the application. > Position, “US Intern.” > Complete the personal info page and read the FAQ > Preference, “Campus Ministry” > Sub-preference “Field.” > Ministry Interests, “IL – Cornerstone / University of Illinois at Chicago” > Complete the rest of the application as directed.  

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