Evangelism & Discipleship

Our Evangelism and Discipleship cohort is the most practical of our cohorts and focuses on training you in three major skills. One, how to lead an effective missional small. Two, how to lead leaders of effective missional small groups. And three, how to launch a new movement of missional small groups.

At the start of every semester, thousands of students pour onto campus and into the dorms, most of whom do not know Jesus. How do we find these students, connect them to community, and share the good news with them? Through our missional small groups. And then, as they come to faith, how do we equip them to grow closer to Jesus, serve their peers, and grow in leadership? Through missional small groups. You get the idea.  

The foundational training is all about how to lead a missional small group. Gathering. Crossing Cultures. Building relationships. Teaching. Sharing the Gospel. Shepherding. You’ll learn how to draw a community together, build from the ground up, and see how students end up drawing each other closer to Jesus through your guidance. As the school year progresses, you’ll identify specific students from your City Group who would benefit from one-on-one discipleship and leadership training. You’ll receive training in our weekly cohort – and you’ll have someone on campus walk with you and apprentice you in this work.

As you learn this skill, you’ll next learn to deploy these students to lead their own small groups. That means your role shifts from leading students to leading student leaders, and your focus becomes Action Group: a discipleship and leadership training community made up of the student leaders that you’ve raised up. As you learn how to lead your Action Group, you’ll also receive training on how to launch a new movement from scratch at an unreached campus. By the end of the fellows program, you’ll be ready to help lead a new movement—or to take the skills you’ve learned with us and apply them in another missional context. Regardless, you’ll have laid a foundation for life.


Leader of the Evangelism and Discipleship Cohort

NATE is the team leader of the Chicago Campus Initiative (CCI). Jesus changed Nate early on in his life and specifically called him to serve the church. Along with leading CCI, he now pastors Cornerstone Anglican Church – West Loop, a congregation which he planted. In 2016, he and his wife Sarah welcomed their twins Joshua and Eliana into the world, and their son Simeon was born in early 2019! Nate holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Illinois and a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College. For fun, Nate loves to juggle. In 2008, he started a juggling business called Catch This!

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We set the bar high for graduating seniors, and so should you. Your next step is the launchpad not just for your career, but for the next chapter of your spiritual life. We’re looking for fellows who are hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus.

Application Instructions

Click the link below, and it will take you to Cru’s U.S. internships application. There, follow these steps: Apply Now > Log in > Begin to fill out the application. > Position, “US Intern.” > Complete the personal info page and read the FAQ > Preference, “Campus Ministry” > Sub-preference “Field.” > Ministry Interests, “IL – Cornerstone / University of Illinois at Chicago” > Complete the rest of the application as directed.  

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