Pastoral Formation

How often do Christian leaders end up in the ditch? Moral failure, burnout, and betrayal are all too common, as we can see in our personal experience and in the media coverage of one ministry collapse after another. You may know just how painful and damaging such situations are.

No one plans for sin or brokenness to run their ministry into the ground. But too few of us plan for the opposite: healthy pastoral formation. Failing to plan for own formation is signing up for disaster. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Ministry dysfunction and unhealthy leadership are ultimately the result of heart issues. That’s good news, because Jesus has given us everything we need for our hearts to become like his.

That’s why heart issues and healthy leadership are the focus of our second weekly cohort. Our trainings are rooted in the Scriptures, in the best of church tradition, and in insights from psychology and leadership theory. You’ll learn how to build trust on a team, develop productive conflict, and foster the kind of accountability that leads to results. At the same time, you’ll get to look into your own spiritual journey, including topics like how we view God, our family of origin, gender and sexuality, and healing prayer.

You can only shepherd students into the way of life if you’re living in it yourself. Our Pastoral Formation cohort will help you to always keep your ministry grounded in Jesus. His work in you is the greatest gift you can share with everyone you serve.


Leaders of the Pastoral Formation Cohort

ALEX is President and CEO of the Isaiah 40 Foundation. He has been an Anglican pastor since 1991, serving as a senior pastor, church-planter, and pastoral counselor. With ten years of business experience in software development and medical informatics, he brings a unique set of gifts and experiences to bear in the raising up of healthy young leaders. TAMARA is a spiritual director and ceramic artist. Together they have been involved in the healing ministry for over twenty years. 

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We set the bar high for graduating seniors, and so should you. Your next step is the launchpad not just for your career, but for the next chapter of your spiritual life. We’re looking for fellows who are hungry to learn, ready to serve, and on fire for the Lord Jesus.

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